Friday, 17 April 2015

Family trip to Fiji


As a Christmas present last year from our Grandparents,  my dad, aunties,uncle and my cousins all received an envelope, We were told to open them at the same time, as you can imagine we were all was so curious to find out what was inside. so we did what Nonna and Nonno said and started to open them, once they were all opened we pulled out the piece of paper unfolded it and read 'BULA' written in big bold letters. below that it said 'Your all are going to Fiji in April!' I looked around, I couldn't see one dull face in the room. everyone was so excited, all my little cousins were jumping up and down and everyone was hugging each other, It was the best Christmas present EVER!

Because life goes at a ridiculous fast pace all of a sudden it was early Easter Sunday morning and we were on a bus off to Sydney Airport to catch our flight to Nadi! Everyone was so happy and hyped up on Easter chocolate. After checking in and patiently waiting for two hours, it was finally time to say goodbye to Sydney and board the plane.

Four hours later and we were finally landing in Nadi, Fiji! as soon I stepped outside I instantly felt the heat on my skin, this made me so happy, all of us couldn't wait to get to the resort and jump in the pool.  A short bus trip later and we arrived at the Sherton Resort in Denaru. The resort was amazing with big pools and lovely restaurants, shops and sunsets.

My little cousins 

The week I got to spend in Fiji entailed a lot of swimming, playing beach sports, relaxing, eating, and catching up with my extended family. it was one of the sweetest weeks ever! I love my family a lot and they are very important to me so it was really special to be with all of them especially is Fiji! 

My lovely family



Monday, 2 February 2015



Motivation, its such a big part of life. I think its so odd that everything you want to do or achieve comes down to questioning yourself "Do I have the motivation?," it could be as simple as getting of out of bed to get a drink of water in the middle of the night or something larger then that like starting a big assignment as soon as you receive it instead of the night before its due , or yet again something much larger like stepping out of you comfort zone and hiking the Pacific Crest Trail like Cheryl Strayed did. Her book was recently got made into a movie called "Wild". I saw it last night and it gave me the 'motivation' to write this post. without giving to much away, the movie is about a woman named Cheryl Strayed played by Reese Witherspoon who decides to hike the 1,100-mile Pacific Crest Trail. I suggest if you have a chance go see it was quite interesting.

Cheryl Strayed 1995

Motivation I believe is the key to any success, if you have a lot of Motivation to complete something, you will set your mind to it and you will do it. In saying that, sometimes motivation can go missing even when you really want to achieve something, I find this frustrating as this happens to me a lot. I'm not a expert or anything but I think without motivation you can end up procrastinating forever and its easy to blame your lack-of motivation on someone or something else, but in the end its really about you. Only you can have the motivation for your self. I would like my motivation to stay with me this year because your last year of school is pretty big, but at the same time I have to realise that its easier said than done so if I lose a little bit of motivation I have to know its alright and I'm only human. 

I think motivation is a really special and useful tool because once you have a lot it I don't know about anyone else but I feel like I can conker anything you want to do in life, I think once you get this feeling you should treasure it, so when you're having a not so motivated day,  you can remember that brilliant feeling that you felt when you were motivated and hopefully this will encourage you to get back to that awesome mind set. This might not work all the time but its a good thing to keep in mind.


Sunday, 18 January 2015

The 1975


I wanted to write a quick post about the awesome night that I had last night. As you can see by the photo above I went to see The 1975 at the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney. I'm sure you know who i'm talking about but if you don't, they are a band from England.
The 1975.
For me The 1975 has been about the music, as soon as on of my friends introduced me to their music I instantly loved it, even though their music is quite different to the music that I usually listen to, I think thats why I liked it so much because it was different type of music that I like. When we got to the Hordern it was so packed! I knew that the band had became quite popular in Australia in the past year or two but in my head I don't know why but I didn't picture so many people.

After a half an hour of waiting in line we were finally in the venue my friends and I were so excited and we were on the look out for our other group of friends, when we found them the were just as excited as we were. After about half an hour of chatting about how pumped we were to hear the brilliant Matt Healey perform, the lights started to dim down and there was a big rumble coming from the stage. everyone started cheering and clapping. It was so exciting, suddenly the stage lights shot on and The 1975 were on stage! we couldn't see much as we were more near the back then the front, but we weren't really fussed by it, yeah it would of been nice if we were a bit closer to see them perform but we did manage to get glimpses of Matt. I think we all were just really happy to hear the music live and share that experience with other people.

All the songs were great but my overall top four songs were:
1. Sex
2. Menswear
3. Chocolate
4. Robbers

Its really cool that The 1975 are liked by people that are all different ages, I think last night the people there were aged from fourteen- twenty-five. Not many bands can say that we are like by both young teens and adults.

Overall it was a fun experience with all my friends that I won't forget.


Wednesday, 14 January 2015

One of my favourite places in the world..


My grandparents on my dad's side of the family own a beach house located in a little country/beach town called Gerringong. I want to share this on my blog because it is one of my favourite places in the world. Ever since I could remember this special house was a place where the family could catch up whether it is for two nights or seven nights over the Christmas break. I know this sounds quite dramatic but even the smell of the house reminds me of my family. This beach house is so close to my heart, I think the reason is because I have been going there since I was a tiny baby. A you can see below, theres little me on the left and my sister on the right.
My sister and I about 15 years ago at the beach house.

 I was there not long ago for a little less than a week and like always I have the best time with all my cousins, uncles, aunties, my grandparents an my dad. I am always amazed how we fit everyone into this little house as there is only three bedrooms but never the less we all fit even if we do have to set up caravans in the backyard.

My favourite thing about being at the beach house is that there are so many people that I love in the one place, and even though you might be woken up by the sound of crying, screaming or giggles from your little cousins at 6.00 am every morning, you know its worth it because everyone being in the same place doesn't happen that often, not in my family anyway.

The beach house is a place for a little bit of everything, you can choose to relax, shop, surf, swim, go for a bike ride or play any type of sport in the back yard, when I was younger I remember playing in the backyard with my sister all day long, the ideas of games were endless probably because at the time I thought it was the size of a football field. Now being older, I love watching my little cousins play in that backyard the way I used to and occasionally joining in with them if they need another player on their team.

I love how we go for walks with my cousins far ahead in the distance on their scooters, skate boards or bikes, then, watching them climb the big beautiful tree that we always pass on our way to the 'magic bridge' to feed the ducks.

 I feel so grateful to have such a special house were I go and forget my worries and have fun with my lovely family. It always has been my one of my favourite places in the world and I think it always will be.


Sunday, 4 January 2015

Hello 2015


Since its a new year, I wanted to post something about what I want to achieve in 2015. I know with me, I never really seem to stick to a lot of my new years resolutions that I have said in the past. So for this year i'm going to set myself more goals that I know I can reach. Here are a few that I want to achieve this year:

1. Keep a positive attitude- I think this one is quite important and I really want to focus on it this year. I know it can be hard to be positive all the time when things don't go to plan but I think I have to focus on what I do have rather then what I don't have, and when I look at it from perspective I really don't go without much.

2. Get a part time job- You might think this one is easy to achieve but unfortunately in the past for me it has been quite a challenge. to tell you the truth, not being able to find or get casual work has been one of the low points of 2014. But never the less i'm going to keep trying and hopefully i'll find some work.

3. Start driving- I know what your thinking "What are you doing woman?! you could have you Ps right now!" I know I know your right. But like the one above i've been finding this a bit of a challenge and it just hasn't been one of my priorities. but this year I think i'm ready, i'm gonna face my fear and start driving.

4. Being more active- This one always finds its way on my new years resolution list every year, but like always I start the year really well with so much exercise- running, sit-ups, push ups you name it. but it always seems to slip further and further down the list throughout the year until I forget about it or I don't have the motivation. So hopefully this year I'll keep at it.

5. Start something new- With this blog i'm guess i'm starting something new which means that i've already achieved one of my New Years resolutions wooyeah!! The challenge now is that I stick with this and work really hard on it so I can look back on it in 2016!

As well as having a good list of achievable goals, for me, this year is going to be a really eventful year which i'm both scared and excited for what ahead. This year I'm going to:

- Turn 18
- Complete my final year at school FOREVER
- Graduate from high school
- Complete my HSC
- Complete my certificate II at TAFE
- Go to schoolies
- Say goodbye to all my school friends
And in the middle of all of this I might be taking a cheeky trip to Fiji with the family, hehe!

Its going to be a very full on and busy for me, but I think i'm ready to give it all I have! If your thinking "Why has she started a blog in one of the busiest years ever?" the answer to that is I think by creating this blog it will help me it someway survive this year by writing things down so I remember everything that has happened in this eventful year ahead.

Bring on 2015!!


Thursday, 1 January 2015

A little about me

Hiii,  I'm Kiara, but most call me Kiki, I'm 17 and I live in Sydney Australia. 

For the past year i've been wondering what it would be like to start my very own blog, I've always thought it would be really awesome to have my own little space on the internet where I could express my thoughts, feelings and experiences. for a while now i've been really tossing up whether I could actually bring myself to take the leap and start creating a blog. these thoughts of mine became a little more serious when for Christmas I was very lucky and received a MacBook Air, for me this was a pretty good sign to take that leap and create a account on Blogger. 

On this blog i'm going to be sharing my personal thoughts, feelings and experiences. I'm also going to be posting about things I love and enjoy doing. I want this space to have a happy and positive vibe to it so I can look back and have a smile on my face while reading past blog posts. 

I'm very new to this blogging thing so I guess i'll be learning what works and what doesn't as I go. I'm both scared and excited about creating something online as I haven't done anything like this before. I'm going to try my best to make this blog as exciting, fun, interesting and helpful as I possibly can!