Sunday, 4 January 2015

Hello 2015


Since its a new year, I wanted to post something about what I want to achieve in 2015. I know with me, I never really seem to stick to a lot of my new years resolutions that I have said in the past. So for this year i'm going to set myself more goals that I know I can reach. Here are a few that I want to achieve this year:

1. Keep a positive attitude- I think this one is quite important and I really want to focus on it this year. I know it can be hard to be positive all the time when things don't go to plan but I think I have to focus on what I do have rather then what I don't have, and when I look at it from perspective I really don't go without much.

2. Get a part time job- You might think this one is easy to achieve but unfortunately in the past for me it has been quite a challenge. to tell you the truth, not being able to find or get casual work has been one of the low points of 2014. But never the less i'm going to keep trying and hopefully i'll find some work.

3. Start driving- I know what your thinking "What are you doing woman?! you could have you Ps right now!" I know I know your right. But like the one above i've been finding this a bit of a challenge and it just hasn't been one of my priorities. but this year I think i'm ready, i'm gonna face my fear and start driving.

4. Being more active- This one always finds its way on my new years resolution list every year, but like always I start the year really well with so much exercise- running, sit-ups, push ups you name it. but it always seems to slip further and further down the list throughout the year until I forget about it or I don't have the motivation. So hopefully this year I'll keep at it.

5. Start something new- With this blog i'm guess i'm starting something new which means that i've already achieved one of my New Years resolutions wooyeah!! The challenge now is that I stick with this and work really hard on it so I can look back on it in 2016!

As well as having a good list of achievable goals, for me, this year is going to be a really eventful year which i'm both scared and excited for what ahead. This year I'm going to:

- Turn 18
- Complete my final year at school FOREVER
- Graduate from high school
- Complete my HSC
- Complete my certificate II at TAFE
- Go to schoolies
- Say goodbye to all my school friends
And in the middle of all of this I might be taking a cheeky trip to Fiji with the family, hehe!

Its going to be a very full on and busy for me, but I think i'm ready to give it all I have! If your thinking "Why has she started a blog in one of the busiest years ever?" the answer to that is I think by creating this blog it will help me it someway survive this year by writing things down so I remember everything that has happened in this eventful year ahead.

Bring on 2015!!



  1. Good luck with your Goals :D Hopefully you have more luck than I do accomplishing things :P