Friday, 17 April 2015

Family trip to Fiji


As a Christmas present last year from our Grandparents,  my dad, aunties,uncle and my cousins all received an envelope, We were told to open them at the same time, as you can imagine we were all was so curious to find out what was inside. so we did what Nonna and Nonno said and started to open them, once they were all opened we pulled out the piece of paper unfolded it and read 'BULA' written in big bold letters. below that it said 'Your all are going to Fiji in April!' I looked around, I couldn't see one dull face in the room. everyone was so excited, all my little cousins were jumping up and down and everyone was hugging each other, It was the best Christmas present EVER!

Because life goes at a ridiculous fast pace all of a sudden it was early Easter Sunday morning and we were on a bus off to Sydney Airport to catch our flight to Nadi! Everyone was so happy and hyped up on Easter chocolate. After checking in and patiently waiting for two hours, it was finally time to say goodbye to Sydney and board the plane.

Four hours later and we were finally landing in Nadi, Fiji! as soon I stepped outside I instantly felt the heat on my skin, this made me so happy, all of us couldn't wait to get to the resort and jump in the pool.  A short bus trip later and we arrived at the Sherton Resort in Denaru. The resort was amazing with big pools and lovely restaurants, shops and sunsets.

My little cousins 

The week I got to spend in Fiji entailed a lot of swimming, playing beach sports, relaxing, eating, and catching up with my extended family. it was one of the sweetest weeks ever! I love my family a lot and they are very important to me so it was really special to be with all of them especially is Fiji! 

My lovely family




  1. Sounds amazing :D I've always wanted to go to Fiji. I just found your blog and love it <3

    1. Thanks heaps! your blog is cool as well x